University of Washington, Afrassiabi Distinguished Lecture in Iranian Studies (February, 2017):   Video of Lecture


Useful links for students and others.

Scholarly Associations:

Middle East Studies Association

International Society for Iranian Studies

Association for the Study of Persianate Societies


Academic, Library, and Bibliographic Resources:

Encyclopedia Iranica

Bibliographia Iranica

Iran Nameh


Shahnameh Project

Iran Primer

Princeton Iran Data Portal

Ajam Media Collective

British Library Collection

Foundation for Iranian Studies

American Institute for Iranian Studies


Iranian Studies Centers and Institutes:

UC Irvine Center for Persian Studies

UCSB Iranian Studies

UC Davis Iran and Persian Studies

UCLA Iranian Studies

Stanford University Iranian Studies

University of Washington Persian and Iranian Studies

Columbia University Center for Iranian Studies

Yale Program in Iranian Studies

Princeton University Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies

University of Maryland Roshan Institute for Persian Studies

University of Oklahoma Iranian Studies Program

University of Arizona Program in Persian and Iranian Studies

NYU Iranian Studies Initiative

University of St. Andrews

British Institute for Persian Studies

The Alliance Center for Iranian Studies


Summer Persian Language Programs:

University of Texas at Austin

University of Wisconsin at Madison

University of Maryland

Critical Language Scholarship Program

Arizona State University Critical Languages Institute


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